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iPBX Hosting at Tokyo BigSite

AINEO Networks, the innovative team behind Japan’s fastest growing cloud phone service has announced they will be participating in Workstyle Innovation show at Tokyo’s BigSite. iPBX Hosting is eliminating the need for phone numbers that have to change with moves,... read more


AINEO Digital conceptualized and put together a great campaign for our new TV commercials and product roll-out.  They were amazingly fast and we wholeheartedly recommend them.


You guys really know your stuff! With quick, high quality service you provided excellent service.



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The Wearable Device Revolution In Japan

At AINEO Networks Hosting, we’re huge fans of devices.  Of course, most businesses need phones on their desks for general affairs, back office, accounting, and other roles. However, we have shown how cool it is to use iPBX with the Apple watch.  We’ve also reviewed... read more

How The Internet Can Help Or Hamper Your Business

Japan and Korea are fabulous places to run internet. When they say, high speed broadband, they mean high speed. There are two types of services, services that promise a certain speed all the time, and those that internet services that are ‘best effort’. Best effort... read more

Things To Do in Tokyo

Japan is a great country to visit. The food is fantastic, the trains are plenty and always on time, and the culture is very rich. If you have not been to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, or Nagoya yet it should definitely be on your list to get to Tokyo at a minimum. People are... read more