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Unified Communications (UC) and The Future Of Fax Over IP

FaxCore’s fax over IP systems take a necessary technology and outfit it for the present day. Everything is done on computers these days, which has led some people to believe that the fax machine is dead. Yet its use is still required in a number of industries. This is something that American firm Telecomp recognizes, which is why FaxCore is one of their most trusted partners.

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What Makes ShoreTel’s IP Phone System So Brilliant?

The phone system in a business or virtually any organization has evolved so much since Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell invented the first phone in the US. There have been so many players from the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Sweden, Germany, France, and even the UK.

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How To Get 3 More Years Out of Your Computer

We’re living in an amazing time. It seems like the collusion between Dell, IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Intel that required higher spec machines for more bloated software has come to an end. Most users noticed the average PC constantly had to be upgraded to handle the latest version of MS Office with it’s Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook applications.

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Will Apple’s Watch Redefine The Market For Timepieces?

A visit to a local mobile phone shop is very revealing. Almost every mobile phone is now a ‘smart phone’. Cellular service providers are looking to sell these touch display phones that bring in a higher monthly revenue for their packet services.

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How Do Newspapers Make Money?

The circulations of newspapers began to decline with the introduction of the internet, or shall we say with the ‘the maturing’ of the internet. People have just turned away from paying for news when they can get it online for free. Every major news organisation has the latest events online, as they have to, to be competitive with the other companies around.

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