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Seven Tips For Making Your Email Matter

Many of us inundated with sometimes hundreds of emails each day. Some necessary, some just distractions. Of course, you need to have a viable subject or product you’re wanting to talk about before you contact someone. If you’ve got a good product or service or topic to address, then how do you get people’s attention?

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Identifying Good IT Support Firms In Japan’s Largest City of Tokyo

Information Technology has become a major part of virtually every business. Finding a company or any organization that doesn’t use a computer would likely be a miracle. Nearly every company uses technology, from the POS (point of sale) system at the local retail outlet to the computers sitting on the desk of every team member at the company.

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Who Is Inter-Tel?

Inter-Tel was an Arizona-based company which purchased by Mitel Networks in April of 2009 for $723M USD. You can read about that here. Inter-Tel products were rolled into the Mitel line-up of telephone products and Inter-Tel employees were mostly hired by Ottawa Canada-based Mitel.

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