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Who Is Inter-Tel?

Inter-Tel was an Arizona-based company which purchased by Mitel Networks in April of 2009 for $723M USD. You can read about that here. Inter-Tel products were rolled into the Mitel line-up of telephone products and Inter-Tel employees were mostly hired by Ottawa Canada-based Mitel.

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Is The Government Reading My Mail?

One thing that we all need to keep in mind is email is like writing a postcard. Whomever is managing the server can read the contents therein. What does that mean? More specifically, if your email is going out over the internet and there are servers between your email server, and the person you are interacting with. That mail can be read.

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Hosted PBX System, What makes AINEO’s iPBX Hosting Different?

As revenue hungry businesses have rushed to the cloud for email, calendaring, and collaboration, companies have begun to run to the web to develop phone services as well. The problem is they’re either unreliable, or over priced. As a phone system technical service company working with systems since 1992 AINEO knew we could build something better, so we did.

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