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Aastra IP Phones Now Available in Japan

AINEO Networks, the distributor for Mitel Networks products in Japan and Korea, announced today the availability of Aastra products in Japan. Mitel made public its intensions to acquire Aastra in November of 2013. With this acquisition, Mitel became a $1B USD company in early 2014.

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ShoreTel Demonstrates Systems At VmWares Forum in Singapore

The ShoreTel Singapore team presented and demonstrated the brilliantly simple ShoreTel Unified Communications platform at VmWare’s Vforum in the ASEAN nation.

Many vendors were showing their products and services to the various VMware clients at the event. There were companies providing data centre/cloud services, security software, inventory management and many data storage companies.

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Fall CEO Insights Forum 2014- Keeping Business Personal

As fall approaches and the calendar year end nears, CEOs have nearly another year of professional experience on which to reflect. In June, the CEO Insights Forum (CIF) was a success, attended by C-levels representing 21 companies from the world’s leading firms and established industries including banking, human resources, software, automotive, consumer goods, and even advertising to name a few.

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