The theft of IP and other data is something many companies believe will never be part of their reality until it happens.
Insecure systems, software and facilities can leak vital customer information and even present a physical danger to employees. These threats can come via the Internet or even the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

AINEO is an experienced and savvy provider of hardware and software network security tools.
Just as important, we can fortify client sites by installing physical security systems that control access to your facility, and visually monitor and report activity at the site.
Our meticulously developed and proven solutions, products and services enable you to establish command and control perimeters that safeguard your data and secure IT- and network-related services.

On your network, AINEO can manage security, lock out intruders, and report threats.
AINEO Cybersecurity Offerings Include

  • Testing services
  • Contingency Planning
  • Cyber-defense Services
  • Digital and Computer Forensics
  • Supply-chain Security