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With the advancement of voice telephone systems from digital to IP, many opportunities have opened up for companies to cut communications costs, increase collaboration, and connectivity between sites.  Telephone Comms systems (PBX) started as analog (electric-current based), then moved on to digital. Now all systems are IP (internet protocol) based.  Many SBC (session border controllers) or IP gateways that interconnect systems have been introduced. AINEO selected Audiocodes as the products stand apart for flexibility and reliability

AINEO introduced Audiocodes through the TRIBE Support team to the partner clients in 2008.  By Fall 2013, nearly 80 firms, with multiple sites, rely on Audiocodes products supported by AINEO.  Audiocodes works with nearly any IPT (IP Telephony) system.  TRIBE Support engineering has installed Audiocodes with many PBX platforms.  Some systems installed in Japan included products from



For questions about Audiocodes products at your organization, please contact the TRIBE Support team here.