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Nortel Networks (Avaya) Technical Support

The TRIBE Support team at AINEO Networks has been supporting Nortel Networks PBX equipment in Japan since 1999. TRIBE team members are seasoned technically and engineering the NorTel products such as the Meridian PBX versions Option 11, Option 51, Option 61, as well as the CS1000E which was NorTel’s final PBX product before being purchased by Avaya Communications.

These products are all end of life, but still great products. TRIBE still has considerable requests nationwide for

-Emergency Support of the NorTel Meridian and other PBX platforms

-Replacement parts for the NorTel equipment

-Support for the Meridian Call Pilot Voicemail product

-Technical Consulting And Service for NorTel’s widely accepted Contact Center or SECC (Symposium)

TRIBE Support is the only full service global NorTel support company in Japan. Our team has not only done support in Japan but is also experienced in servicing CS1000E on oil platforms of the South China Sea. TRIBE can work on anything.