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Technology Procurement

AINEO Networks has always been providing systems and software to our clients. Since 2007 our sales volumes have increased tremendously with the addition of a seasoned incoming sales team.

People buy from who they know, and who they like. We would like to add trust to that formula. People procure equipment from whom they know, like, and trust. That is why the sales volume of AINEO’s wholesale procurement division means better pricing with the service you deserve to go with it.

AINEO Procurement provides anything IT for your organization. Our volumes go in:

  • Personal Computer/Servers
  • Network Equipment (Switching/Routers)
  • Software from Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, Avaya, AVG, GFI, and many others

Fortunately, we are also working in procurement and implementation of large municipal projects as well.  When our partners need to buy something, we make sure they get

  • the right products
  • for the right price
  • in the right place on time