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Snom C520 WiMi

The Snom C520 is a modern and cost-effective conferencing solution for enterprises of any scale.

Thanks to advanced DECT and Bluetooth technology, the C520 is the perfect device for team conferencing and offers three cutting-edge microphones. The first of these is built into the high-performance full-duplex speaker in the main base station with two further wireless DECT microphones that can be freely placed or carried in the room as required.

The C520 microphones use dynamic noise reduction and adaptive feedback control to provide crystal clear HD audio transmission, even in crowded or spacious rooms. The microphones synchronize with the base station in real-time according to their location. This technology allows the user freedom of movement without even having to raise their voice – regardless of meeting room size.


  • Full-duplex speaker

    Snom HD Voice transmits sound via high-quality speakers while the inbuilt microphone provides crystal clear voice quality.

  • Snom HD Voice

    G.722 wideband codec for crystal clear HD quality calls.

  • Smart Conference

    With its modern and sleek design, the C520 fits seamlessly into your working day. Two detachable DECT microphones can be positioned freely or carried in the room as required to ensure the best sound and voice quality. Built-in charging stations with magnetic bays directly on the base station mean both microphones are always charged and ready for use in the next meeting. The conference phone also features automatic volume control and digital noise reduction so that all call participants can be understood in best sound quality.

  • Snom quality

    Snom has been developing high-quality VoIP phones for 20 years to meet the expected standards of products bearing the “made in Germany” stamp. Our strengths are well-established stable systems, attention to detail and solutions that are elegant, practical and good value.

  • Flexibility

    Supports up to 3 SIP identities with simultaneous call management. Bluetooth and DECT technology also allow compatible devices as well as smartphones to be connected.

  • Up to 70 hours of standby time

    The built in batteries on the wireless microphones can run continuously for up to 12 hours without recharging or up to 70 hours in standby mode.