Bright, Quick, & Flexible

The July CI Reception on 15 July was a nice change of pace. With 40 plus company CEOs usually gathered together at these meetings, the ideas and discussions abound. As a contrast the group was smaller and the reception was a different flavor. Top Japan-based CEOs got together for a light meal and drinks just before the summer months that usually include a lot of travel for people. The event was well attended and hosted by Pembroke Real Estate Japan at their new wing of the Azabu Gardens luxury apartments property.

Spencer Wolfe opened the meeting and set the tone for the event. He introduced Pembroke’s Jun Saito briefly to talk about their property that people were gathered at. The meeting immediately kicked off with food service, provided by Japan’s well known Italian restaurant Elios. After flow of food and drink, Tok Yamauchi of Kyoto’s Gallery Shinbunkaku explained several pieces of art that he had brought to exhibit to the group. He had panels from the 1800s, glassware, tapestries from the early 1900s, and scrolls. Attendees learns a lot about Japanese art. Art over the ages has been commissioned by wealthy landowners and merchants similar to Europe, art has been made to order, and Japanese art is designed to be rotated and not left up all year round.

The CI reception was an excellent event giving CI members a chance to learn more about Japanese creativity and history while connecting with other bosses in various fields. The food and networking continued later into the evening giving people a good chance to get to know each other, their businesses, and various Japan and global connections.