Bright, Quick, & Flexible

The AINEO Difference



We are bright, quick, and flexible (BQF).  There is no one like AINEO™ that can procure, implement and support reliable network systems and grow businesses.  Reliability is ingrained in us.

Our roots go back to telecom equipment that we have worked with since 1992. AINEO™ understands the need for 99.99% reliability and that these systems provide and we deliver.
We started as a telecommunications company selling, supporting, and servicing enterprise level voice systems that are commonly know as Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) equipment.

In 1999, we expanded from voice system servers to all network equipment and computer servers.  AINEO’s strong sense of reliability and functionality from telecommunications led directly to the support of all the information technology in your office.

In 2008, we built our own “cloud” so that small to medium enterprises would not have to. was born.


If you are in need of a great engineering team to compliment or run your IT, need help implementing some type of technology, need to host your website or business email, support your on-site systems, IPT (IP telephony/PBX), or data network (computers), please contact AINEO.  Our team is well-experienced and currently supporting systems for retail outlets, multi-million dollar financial firms, telecom carriers, small and large offices, and even airport terminals.

Different businesses have different needs. We provide cost effective, reliable systems based on your business needs and budgets. AINEO builds everything from the simple office to the full-scale data center.


The AINEO team stands behind the motto of being bright. Never worry of having to deal with companies that aren’t on the same page with you, and may seem ten steps behind. We will be right with you, when you need us.


The AINEO Team strives to be quick in what they do. We value the time of our partners and understand it is of utmost importance.


The AINEO Team recognizes that whatever the situation may be, it is important to be flexible in any situation. Flexibility brings success and our team recognizes the importance of it.