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Happy Birthday to our August Born Teammates!

Celebrating our August Birthdays at AINEO! It took awhile to build such a dedicated and happy team. Enjoying some birthday pizza for a couple of our players in the Tokyo office. We’re so glad you were born!

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Use Your Current Japan Phone Numbers With Microsoft Teams!

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Teams is now integrated with CIRCLE Cloud Communications, Japan’s fastest growing internet-based phone service. If you are currently using CIRCLE, you can now use existing Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, toll-free, 050 numbers...

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Japan’s Fastest Growing Cloud Phone Service Gets An Upgrade

The team at AINEO is pleased to announce the coming of a new version of CIRCLE Cloud Communications. In October, all the Japan datacenters will be upgraded to the latest version of CIRCLE. In this major upgrade, you will get new features that we believe you will find...

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AINEO Digital conceptualized and put together a great campaign for our new TV commercials and product roll-out.  They were amazingly fast and we wholeheartedly recommend them.


You guys really know your stuff! With quick, high quality service you provided excellent service.



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High Hopes for Protonmail and Privacy

We have high hopes for Protonmail.  The idea of giving individuals encrypted mail\boxes that a server admin couldn't read sounded fantastic.  After a couple years of testing, we have put together our thoughts on the service here.  

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Does Using Gmail Compromise Your Friends?

Is Gmail Secure?  Does It Affect My Friends and Customers? Recently a lawyer signed up his firm for our VoIP service.  For a new business you need phones, email... and some people even use fax.  One of our team as the lawyer if he would be using Google's email service...

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Why Are We Still Wearing Face Masks in Japan?

It’s summer and the pain inflicted on us by the virus, some governments, and pharma companies seems to be coming to an end. Recent visits to New York, London, and Paris have shown us that the world has moved on from the burdens the ‘virus’ has put on businesses and...

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