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AINEO Networks has been working in the telecommunications field since 1994. Originally working with AT&T equipment (which became Avaya) and NEC private branch exchanges (PBX), the business grew as AINEO built our engineering team up in Nortel, ShoreTel, and Cisco IPT (Internet Protocol Telephony).  Unlike other IT systems integrators, AINEO has a broad telecommunications background to rely on.

Of course, AINEO business development would be happy to install new PBX/IPT in your offices or facility, but frankly not all offices need to really spend money on telephone systems.  Hence, AINEO began giving partner clients access to our hosted PBX infrastructure.

Why CIRCLE cloud?


No need to buy local routers or telephone systems.


Just buy the phones and reuse on your own system when your business outgrows hosted IPT


Based on ShoreTel’s proven simple and brilliant design.


Simple, cost-effective subscription based on how many phones you need.


Based on earthquake/tsunami tested data centers in Tokyo, Japan

Mobility Solution

Your extension on your iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry, or Android device

To find out more about AINEO’s CIRCLE Cloud Communications service, contact the business development team here or call our Tokyo office at +81-3-4550-6500.  You can find out more about CIRCLE cloud  here.

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