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Using Tokyo 03 Numbers On Android Smartphones

The days of the telephone system (AKA a PBX or business phone system) in the office, factory, university, store... they are passed.  Smart companies are putting their phone calls with their teams and customers into the cloud.  However, the problem with the...

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What We Are Thankful For At CIRCLE Cloud Communications

October and November are a great time of the year. Halloween doesn't appeal too much to us, as dressing up and pretending to be someone else is not as fun as becoming a better person each day. We like October and November, at the end of the year because it's...

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Okinawa- Power, Internet, and Phone Outages Rescue

Okinawa prefecture in Southern Japan was severely affected by the recent typhoon.  Many hotels, businesses, and residences are out of power, internet, and telephone services.  We have been receiving requests for help in setting up back up plans for hotels...

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When Do You Use Chat Over Email (And Vice versa)?

To chat or to email? That is the question… Chat has been around for years. Initially it was always limited to a personal computer. Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, the list (at least from the US) goes on. With the entrance of the smartphone, chat became more mobile and...

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Getting “Off The Grid” With Your Smartphone

If you’re using an iPhone or an Android for personal or business you’re used to logging into Apple or Google’s ecosystems. Of course, when logging in to any big tech app you will be broadcasting your personal details to these mega companies. Privacy is out the window....

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