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Why Are Our Youth Such Wimps?

Probably every generation born sees the generation after them as not being able to handle what they did.  We have all heard our elders talk about the tough life they had. Unbelievable stories of how they walked 10 kilometers to school in shorts… during the winter.. in...

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Will Avaya Make It? What Should I Do With My Phones and PBX?

It’s official, Avaya has officially filed for bankruptcy so it could restructure.  Avaya was a fantastic company and it’s contact center system for taking customer service calls has been best in class for years.  Avaya was originally the division of AT&T called Global...

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Japan’s Biggest Weakness – The Menu Mindset

Japan is a fantastic country. Great food, wonderful people, and a very safe society despite the fact that Japan is not exactly a perfect country with nothing but good people.  The difference with Japan is the number of bad people is so much smaller than other...

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