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Snom D735 Desk Telephone

Snom’s first sensor supported telephone

The new Snom D735 hits the right notes thanks to its timeless design and the two modern color variants – this telephone is on the cutting edge, both technically and in terms of appearance.

The new Snom D735 provides amazing HD audio quality that has become standard for Snom telephones by the use of integrated ‘Digital Signal Processors (DSP)’ which optimize sound quality in real time and filter out background noise. In addition, thanks to the built in sensors, as soon as the user’s hand approaches the display or the function keys, the display springs to life and automatically shows all the relevant key assignment information. When you move your hand away again, the display reverts to its normal mode. This smart sensor expands the functionality of the D735 enormously and supports the user in their day to day activities.

The Snom D735 is a compact all rounder and is perfect for all possible uses thanks to its modern and smart functions, timeless design, and the the new, optimized firmware which allow each user to forward calls at the touch of a button, initiate conference calls or mute the telephone temporarily.

Quick Summary

  • High-resolution 2.7” graphical TFT display
  • 32 self-labeling function keys (8 physical)
  • Sensor technology enables responsive UI
  • Wideband hands-free talking (speakerphone)
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhanced audio quality
  • 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch (RJ45)
  • Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, Class 2
  • USB headset ready
  • D7 Expansion Module ready
  • Support for USB WiFi stick
  • Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) support for wireless headsets