Bright, Quick, & Flexible

Mitel Hospitality

Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel. Mitel hospitality customers enjoy scalable, reliable communications, optimized to meet the needs of their industry.

From small hotels, to some of the world’s most famous luxury establishments, Mitel provides communications solutions that are:

Guest Service
When dealing with guests, little things matter, like greeting your guests by name, managing their privacy and ensuring guest services are delivered in a timely manner. Mitel’s experience in the hospitality sector enables hotels to manage guest experience with a minimum of fuss.

Operational Efficiency
In a busy hotel environment over 80% of staff are mobile, delivering service, answering calls and managing back office tasks. Mitel offer intuitive interfaces to reduce training time, mobile working to free staff from fixed locations, applications to manage service requests and business analytics to help you manage operations.

At Mitel we understand every hotel is different. Choose secure, reliable voice or a sophisticated multi-media solution extended to your guests own mobile device. Make technology front and centre of guest experience or use technology in the background to deliver service excellence. Mitel is able to offer unrivalled freedom to deploy on property, from a private or public cloud, or as a hybrid solution. In addition, Hotels can choose to blend of analog, digital and IP technology to meet hotel requirements.

Mitel Connected Guests’ Solution


iCharge enables front and back office applications to be connected within a single hotel or across multiple properties.A comprehensive set of call accounting features enable hotel staff to manage billing for guests and administration teams.


InnLine is a fully featured hospitality messaging application focused on the needs of guests and hotel staff. In addition, InnLine delivers a range of system wide features including multilevel auto attendant.


iConnect enables your guests to federate their own mobile devices to their room over WiFi. Their mobile device becomes an extension of the hotels voice system to enable guest mobility throughout the property.


IPConnect provides flexible ‘High Speed Internet Access’ bandwidth management and billing for wired and wireless guest connectivity.


The iPGS mobile application delivers relevant ‘in moment’ content to enrich the user’s experience. The application can be used to promote revenue generating guest services.


HotelMGR automates and tracks guest service requests, facilitates requests and scheduled maintenance to improve guest service. Hotel MGR can be integrated into Mitel wireless handsets and mobile devices to improve operational efficiency.