Bright, Quick, & Flexible

AINEO is pleased to announce the semi-annual CEO Insights Forum (CIF) on 3 June from 7PM. The CIF is the highest level regular gathering of c-suite executives in Japan. This event is only twice a year. (Previous event information here).
CIF brings together bosses of fashion, industrial, consumer products, high tech, media, hospitality, real estate, and other areas under one roof.

In this evening event, CIF attendees will hear from Wolfgang Bierer who will bring clarity to the making the jump to digital in his talk-“The Digital Generation- Understanding the Internet Of Things In The Executive Suite”. You will leave with a better understanding of where things are going with the internet of things.

We will also hear from Jay Nelson, here from New York, as he shares insights on Japanese business successes and he will identify future opportunities in Japan for business. He is senior editor of Success Stories Japan and makes appearances in the American media (ie. CNBC).

The event will begin with a welcome and a tasty buffet style meal in Oakwoods beautiful facility in Roppongi. These two brief talks will be followed by Q&A and discussions. Will end the event with drinks and networking.

Most importantly, come enjoy this chance to connect with other CEOs who speak your language!

For full details and online for qualified bosses please visit the site here.