Bright, Quick, & Flexible

Google’s operating system Android has scored another stellar month in sells. But not everything is in the numbers, Techcrunch and the Christian Science Monitor both report a high return rate of some 30-40%.

At AINEO, we have a number of Android phones in the US as well as Japan and Korea. The conclusion with team is that Android is the cheap-person’s iPhone. The hardware and software is just not up to the professional quality of the Blackberries or especially the iPhone product lines. In the US, that current conclusion seems to be confirmed by the nearly 40% of all purchased Android phones being returned to the stores. This is usually not possible in Japan (returns) so we wonder what the satisfaction levels are in Tokyo if product returns were possible.

If you are considering a new smartphone, for work we consider the BlackBerry from RIM the best choice if it has a keyboard. For additional features, it is hard for anyone to compete with the iPhone’s podcasting, music, and over OS experience.