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EQ Update- From Tokyo IT Team, AINEO Networks

18 March 1123am

The earthquakes and aftershocks continue in Tokyo at lesser level of power but continue in frequency. Train lines are running at around 70-80% the capacity causing delays and overcrowding. Rolling government imposed power outages persist around the Tokyo area. None seem to have occurred in central Tokyo at this point. Gasoline is scarce as well as milk and bread due to hoarding and logistics issues.

AINEO Team is working mostly from home with VPN phones spread around the area. Some AINEO engineers are attending to work at the sites.

MNCs are operating with skeleton crews in Tokyo. Many expats have gone to Osaka, safe haven third countries, or home countries. Japanese companies are working as usual with some staff staying home. The fires at the nuclear sites in Fukushima seem to have come under control.

Through 25 March, AINEO will be supporting Japan operations locally and through our US offices.

Monday is a national holiday in Japan.

Thank you for using Asia’s best IT engineering team.


The AINEO Support Team- Tokyo