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Cloud computing is a marketing phenomenon, but there are times when using an unknown cloud can hurt your business.

Googles expansion from the top internet search engine to hosting email, websites, and other data has not been flawless. Google introduced a collaboration software to host email, group calendars, and documents online on their servers. Microsoft the leader in corporate mail servers and messaging, finally responded with a product of their own call Office 365.

Going with a big company is always perceived as ‘safe’ but today we see that even Microsoft, the expert in this area could not keep things running.

The BBC reported “Microsoft online services hit by major failure” today saying

Millions of Microsoft users were left unable to access some online services overnight because of a major service failure.

Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive were among the services affected.

Microsoft was still analysing the cause of the problem on Friday morning, but said it appeared to be related to the internet’s DNS address system.

A major service probably caused by a DNS error is very rudimentary.

Moral to the story, bigger is not always better.

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