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Online Marketing Masters- Bellroy Wallets

If you read the news on the internet, or exhibit the typical profile interests of any English speaking guy, you have likely seen a “slim down wallet” advert on the side of the webpage.  You see a picture of typical stuffed wallet filled to the brim with cards,...

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New Trends In Cloud Contact Centers

It’s not news anymore that adoption of hosted/cloud solutions for business telephony and unified communications is well underway as businesses, small to large, recognize the benefits in subscribing to unified communications “as-a-service” (UCaaS) versus purchasing and...

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Cloud PBX Phone App from iPBX Hosting For iPhone

Running Japan’s most reliable and cost effective business phone service to replace old PBX technology is no easy task. People are tired of spending money on PBX phone systems for their businesses as most are beginning to realize that they don’t need to. They can run...

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The Future Of Evernote

Evernote and Cisco? by Dave Michels in Telecom The story and predicament of Evernote is fascinating. The company should have gone out of business long before – and almost has several times. It was way ahead of it’s time. Evernote is one of my essential applications. I...

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