Bright, Quick, & Flexible
CIRCLE Cloud Communications has been a game changer for thousands around Japan and even some regional players as people connect their teams in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Australia, or wherever they happen to be. We’re thankful to all the great organizations that have chosen CIRCLE to communicate with their customers and team staff.
In 2019, we rolled out more than just carrier-class cloud PBX phone service to our partner clients. We rolled out chat. Not just chat, but chat aimed at increasing your team’s productivity through
  • Project Task Management
  • Document Sharing
  • Group chat
  • Video conferencing

IN 2024, there are so many options for video conferencing, but how many of them are built right into your organization’s software? From 1 April, we will be making some big changes. We will be spinning out our productivity suite and calling it CIRCLE Compass. Compass will give you direction in your interactions with your team and even better communications with your customers. With the new Compass service you get

  1. Secure Messaging- Group and individual
  2. Document Collaboration
  3. Virtual meetings (up to 100 participants!) all in your browser!
  4. Task Management
  5. Content Library
  6. User Management

Compass includes the features you came to appreciate on CIRCLE but much more. In addition, we will introduce Compass Professional where you can also do digital signatures, automate your workflows and make happier customers.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Compass or Compass Professional, please feel free to contact the Partner Service team at CIRCLE Cloud Communications at +81 3 4500 6800 in Tokyo or +81 6 45602600 in Osaka on CONTACT US HERE