Bright, Quick, & Flexible

In Japan, most of us are used to using a phone system with a group number. With AINEO’s iPBX service, you can get a direct line for your sales people. Not only can you get a direct line, you can use your phone anywhere in the world that has good internet access.

Tel Aviv

Today some of the iPBX development team is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Israel is a very old country with a rich history that goes back 3000 years. Old doesn’t mean out of touch. Nearly every company that is a global leader has research and development teams in Israel. You can see Intel, Microsoft, Google, Veola, and hundreds of other global firms here in Israel.

From Israel, on iPBX you can make and receive calls like you’re sitting in Japan. We were able to conference on teammates, transfer calls to other people on the team, and hold calls while we checked information for them on the computer. We are so pleased to see our service worked perfect over the Israeli internet in both the companies and the streets of this city.

Tel Aviv is not as old as the nearby town of Jaffa but it certainly has a rich history. The best thing about business trips is not being out of touch with what is going on at the head office. With iPBX mobile you are never out of touch, unless you are somewhere without a network. Next step is we’ve got to figure out how to get coverage on the moon.