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If you are looking for a better email address as the,, and address for you is already taken. You are in luck. Microsoft has introduced a new domain you can use for personal email. It’s

On their website, Microsoft announces-

If you’ve been watching our blog recently, you already know about the release of our new consumer webmail offering, The new version of Outlook for your PC is designed to work great with and Office365. You can connect in seconds, and sync your mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks with ease. The new version also supports other common account types such as POP and IMAP. Don’t worry, we won’t be offended if you add your Gmail account to Outlook, but trust us, you’re missing out by not using the free offering that one major tech blog called “superior to Gmail in many ways.”

You can read more about it here.

The nice thing about Microsoft’s services is they are not scanning and profiling you to the extent that Google or Yahoo are doing. At AINEO, we believe Google makes money by knowing everything they can about you. We see Microsoft as trying to get you to use their Office software or Office365 hosting.