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It confused current customers, corporate customers refused to buy machines with it, and even IT expert home users hated this product. Windows 8 was one of Microsoft’s greatest flops. It can be placed next to the Zune digital music player, and “the we’re not sure who wants” Surface so called ‘tablet’ computer. This lack of market research and customer feedback for product development has fuelled even more of an exodus from the Windows platform to Apple’s OSX.

On Thursday, 17 October 2013, purchasers of Windows 8 will be able to update their operating system to Windows 8.1. Microsoft hopes to address common complaints like-
-A completely unfamiliar interface to the previous version
-The disappearance of the start button
and many other areas.

They also add better integration with a couple of MS’ other services such as Skype and Xbox.

How will the customers like it? We shall soon see. We hope Microsoft will be able to redeem themselves.