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Research firm Nemertes announces results of user survey naming ShoreTel is American supplier of PBX/IPT (IP Telephony) with lower cost of ownership. Although research is announced on ShoreTel’s corporate blog, there is no doubt that ShoreTel’s TCO (total cost of owners) or what we call price performance is superior to Avaya, Cisco, and especially Microsoft.

Turns out from the Nemertes study that ShoreTel has the lowest cost for IP Telephony overall in the first year and in installations with less than 1,500 users, delivers the best TCO in terms of lowest capital, implementation, and operational costs of any other vendor considered. Given the operational costs are lowest for rollouts of less than 1,500 end units, multi-year TCO shows ShoreTel as the lowest, as well. We believe lower costs are in direct relation to the overall simplicity in system management and support. When you can avoid expensive technical support resources in IT departments, you come out ahead. Complexity found in other systems simply costs more in the short-term and long run. And this is before you even consider software license renewals (which I’m happy to note that ShoreTel doesn’t charge for). If you’re often stuck with a bill to upgrade your routers and switches to keep them in support with your UC software, you’re throwing away money that could be spent on more strategic initiatives. –

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