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A few months back the TRIBE Support team (AINEO’s Technical geeks) tested Protonmail and wrote a post about our findings. Using Gmail, or any other free mail service you are normally giving something up (your personal details usually).  In the case of Gmail, they actually scan your email contents so that they can serve up advertising to you and track your habits.  Not actually a feature that most people want with their personal email.

Generally, you don’t want people knowing who you are talking to, what you are talking about, or even where you are.  With most free email, you’re giving up all of those.  Our post on Protonmail (you can read HERE) got a lot of attention.  It was written from the perspective of engineers.  If you ask should about free mail over Protonmail, the answer is easy.  Just use Protonmail.  The provider in Switzerland says that have over 100 million users on the platform.  We don’t know what percentage of those are paid but there’s not doubt Protonmail is here to stay for years to come.

The nice thing about Protonmail is that your data is encrypted.  So the typical mail would be visible to the administrators of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, whomever is in control.  But Protonmail gives you a password to access the service and a password to decrypt your mail box.  A brilliant concept.

As we mentioned, before if you’re planning on using email for business with calendar sharing,  native sync to your iPhone or Android devices, collaboration with others we recommend CIRCLE Bizmail.  Fax hasn’t exactly gone away (although we still see thousands on CIRCLE QuickFAX 24 hours a day), but it is not in use by everyone.  Email is essential to most businesses and it will not be going away anytime soon as it allows you to easily communicate with people both within you team and in your partners and customers around the world.

If you need personal email, Protonmail is a great option but not for business  If you need serious business email, call our sign up hotline on +81 3 4520 8639 or email us via our contact form here.  We’re always happy to help. It’s just 500 yen/month per account for a 1 year contract (plus tax).

Happy emailing!