Bright, Quick, & Flexible

There are so many companies these days selling various products and services. You’ve got financial services, consumer product (probably the easiest sell), industrial products, technology products, and all sorts of services to support and enhance them.

In AINEO Network’s business, we are truly an engineering service company. People rely on our ability to be bright, quick, and flexible in supporting their technology around the Asia Pacific region. They trust AINEO because our fundamental is that everything we do should be win-win. Our definition of win-win business is only sell what you would buy yourselves. If you wouldn’t buy it, it almost seems immoral. On top of that, it is no fun for your team to support.

For three years, AINEO has been providing outsourced customer care to consumers. We did not plan to be working with consumers. We have a ten year track record and our success has been based on enterprise (corporate) clients. In 2002, we were asked by one of our enterprise clients if we could add this function to our already existing customer support team (helpdesk). It has been a great success. The wonderful thing now is that our team probably knows the products better than the Japan office of the manufacturer. I am very proud of our team. Evidently, we have done such a notable job that other clients have asked AINEO to do their consumer care. Great job AINEO Customer Care!

As we continue to expand the AINEO Customer Care to support consumers, we anticipate our will continue to provide great support which is bright, quick, and flexible. The consumers will continue to love us. We wholeheartedly believe that the best person to sell your product is you, but the best team to service your customer is AINEO.