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AINEO brings Snom into the world’s third largest economy

– Snom Technology, the leading manufacturer of IP Business Telephones and Europe’s leading supplier of IP phones globally, announced today that it has selected AINEO Networks as its distributor for Japan and Korea.  AINEO brings the Berlin-based firm into the world’s third largest economy and the land famous for manufacturing telecom itself.  This is the first time German engineered phones have been offered in Korea and Japan, including Japanese language

Gernot Sagl, CEO of Snom Technology AG commented “With AINEO we get access to a huge market that is very sensitive to quality products at competitive prices with the features that matter.  This is exactly what Snom is about.  AINEO will provide Snom products nationwide.”

Japan and Korea have seen IP Telephony market growth for the last 3 years in response to the growth in high-volume communications between companies. This has created a shift from traditional leased line services with guaranteed bandwidth, to more cost efficient IP services. In Japan, nearly 80% of new SMEs are searching for cloud-based telephony over installing in their offices according to AINEO.  That trend is spreading quickly to large firms nationally as companies look to get away from proprietary and into more standard cloud services and open source phone systems.  With Snom products in its portfolio AINEO is well positioned to provide high quality products to cater for this growing demand to resellers in both markets.

AINEO’s Managing Director, Mr. Spencer Wolfe, related “it has been a pleasure helping localize and customize Snom technology for the Japanese market.  With Snom we’ve got a great product that can be appreciated by resellers, end users and cloud phone service providers”.