Bright, Quick, & Flexible

Spencer Wolfe is Managing Director of AINEO Corporation. AINEO Networks delivers cloud-based business email, cloud and premise business phones, and IT department technical service team based in Tokyo Japan.

Wolfe graduated from University of Washington in Seattle in 1990 and came to Japan for a marketing position in 1990 at Japanese electronics giant RICOH Company. Mr. Wolfe originally visited Japan in 1986 with a US Judo team.

AT&T recruited Wolfe to direct national sales of communications systems in 1993. Wolfe and his team at AT&T set up distribution, distributor technical services, and trained Mitsui, Marubeni, and Itochu staff how to market western communications (phone and network) equipment in Japan. Sales at AT&T grew from $1m to over $40m USD at his departure in 1996.

In 1997, convinced he could build a better system for MNCs and create a better team working environment, Wolfe founded AINEO with a couple of NEC engineers. Building a better team has been a key to success. AINEO is now used by every leading company across the industries from internet giants to airlines, medical firms to food producers.

Mr. Wolfe lives in Tokyo with his wife and three teenagers. He’s a Jesus follower, a writer, has founded a monthly Fortune 500 CEO meeting called CEO Insights (40 firms), founded a church in Tokyo with two locations, and is a musician with a passion for loud music. He enjoys helping people realize their dreams and become world changers by discovering and mastering their giftings. He is frequently heard saying, “If you want to be a champion, you have to run with the champions”.