Bright, Quick, & Flexible

As a cloud service provider, AINEO and our group companies are huge fans of the web and software develop.  We’ll use SaaS or software as a service whenever we can.  In cloud based file storage and synchronization there are many choices.  Microsoft has OneDrive and Sharepoint, Google has GSuite and G Drive, and of course there is the undisputed champion of cloud storage, Dropbox.  If you want to build your own service, Owncloud is a great option.

One company tries to run with herds of cloud storage.  One of our divisions gave a chance to prove themselves. This is what they discovered.

  1. is a not a technology company.   Box is a small marketing company.
  2. Box will never refund your money if their service doesn’t met the business needs, if your company is dissatisfied with their service, or even if need to cancel their service for any reason.
  3. Unlike Dropbox, Sharepoint, G Drive and other services, has synchronization problems with duplicate files and others that won’t synchronize across Windows and macOS.
  4. Box only publishes pricing for lower end plans.  Plans promoting additional features are priced $12 to $30 or more USD/month based on how much the sales person things they can get out of you.  Sales people get a percentage of each sale and have no motivation to work for you.
  5. Support for Box is all outsourced to people in the Philippines and is not done in the United States of America

If you are thinking about using for cloud storage for your business or even personal, you will probably want to think again.

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