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Should I buy the Apple Watch Series 4?

Should I buy the Apple Watch Series 4?

If you bought the Apple Watch, versions 1, 2 or 3 you may have had questions about the viability of the product.  Simply put, you may have had questions about whether or not this first post-Steve Jobs product would make it into your daily life. Read more...

Should You Use A Designer For Your New Office?

Furniture companies and interior companies tend to want to sell you a whole project for building out your office.  Is that such a good idea?  Should you use a designer or architect for your new office?  Find out here.

Why We Gave Our Apple Watch Away

Apple is a computer company, a software company, and a huge marketing company.  Years ago, Apple was the underdog.  They were always fighting to keep up with Microsoft financially and in fact were one time, receiving money from Microsoft to survive.  However, with the...

5 Things You Must Know About And Cloud Storage

As a cloud service provider, AINEO and our group companies are huge fans of the web and software develop.  We’ll use SaaS or software as a service whenever we can.  In cloud based file storage and synchronization there are many choices.  Microsoft has OneDrive...