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August 2008, the first ShoreTel system was installed in Japan. August brought to life the first live ShoreTel system installation in Japan for Japan. This was a climax, but really more the beginning of bringing the world`s best IP Phone system to the world`s second largest economy (Japan is number 2 to the United States).

Since July 2003, AINEO had been looking for a system that combined simplicity with high-reliability and reasonable pricing. ShoreTel was the solution to that missing product in the market. We identified ShoreTel in late 2006 and began working with ShoreTel in 2007.

Bringing system is not an easy task. Menus have to be translated, system prompts have to be recorded, support systems have to be implemented, and getting the systems connected to NTT’s PSTN (public switched telephone network) to be localized. In August 2008, with much help from the development team in ShoreTel’s development team the first system was installed in one of AINEO’s live facilities.

What makes ShoreTel so great is its features, simplicity, and pricing. What used to be the realm of expensive PBX units from the traditional manufactures, has now been shrunk down to the size of small hub-type, rack mount ed switches.

Getting N + 1 redundancy is no longer a major, technically challenging, budget-blowing experience. Several hundred IP phone users can be easily put into a system that takes 1 unit (1U) on a rack. Getting users on IP phones or even just PC-based soft phones is no longer so difficult or expensive. We`ll talk more about the user experience sometime soon.

We’ll be introducing ShoreTel to the Japan market 4th Quarter 2008. Keep watching and we’ll keep you posted for when the systems will be available.

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