Bright, Quick, & Flexible


In June of 2008, AINEO led the way by being one of the first groupware service providers in Japan.

We saw the need for people to be able to share schedules (along with mail, tasks, and documents), deal with spam and other security threats, and reliability issues that most companies have with messaging and the web.

AINEO became a Microsoft Service Provider taking advantage of our seasoned Windows Server team. We also took advantage of our quiver full of LINUX expert engineers. We have built an amazing service with redundancy, reliability, security that most companies have no access to. It has been burned in. All ordering, support tickets and information is accessible via the web. If you want to call, you can catch our bright, quick, and flexible team at 03-5833-3366 or +81 3 5833 3366 for international partners.

Please check out our AINEO Secure Hosting service and tell us what you think.