Bright, Quick, & Flexible

We rolled out our AINEO Secure service from 1 June. It has certainly been an adventure. During that time, we have seen the crashes and overloads of messaging systems at Google and Apple. Microsoft has changed their strategy and started a competitive service in the US. What does that mean to AINEO?

Well, it means a lot. The whole target of AINEO Secure has been Japanese small to medium enterprises(SME). We have found that many Japanese companies don`t want to mess with IT. They don`t want to have engineers coming to their offices. This rang true for multinational companies as well. They just want someone they trust to:
-keep systems up to date
-maintain security so that it protects data, but doesn`t inhibit operations
-have someone experienced to call when they don`t know what to do

Well, if you look in the market, there are a zillion companies hosting something (websites, mail, sharepoint, online wikis). The problem is that they have difficulties such as being hard to get a hold of, or may put some temporary staff in charge of systems or support, and transition data around without letting you know. All these things take away from people being able to do their business.

AINEO Secure has been successful thanks to great partners! We are thankful for their confidence, enthusiasm and business. The start was a bit rough as some were very anxious to get on the systems and rushed us a bit. After three months in service, what has changed?

-11 August one of our top engineers returned to AINEO taking over as lead engineer and architect for AINEO Secure

-Firewalls and full system security was audited by Microsoft and an outside Security Consulting firm in the US.

– AINEO dumped the anti-spam software from Microsoft for a more effective solution. The new solution gave users the chance to mark what they thought was spam and trainĀ the system for their company.

-We began website hosting, as many clients were asking for more than just secure messaging.

There is so much more to talk about, as so much has happened under the hood. AINEO Secure is really rocking.
As we have worked on the systems, we have found that we are paying more to Microsoft for licensing the system than for engineering and supporting the systems. We have concluded the current setup is ludicrous due to the fact that people want to pay for AINEO expertise, not Microsoft licenses.

We went back to our original research of groupware platforms from October 2007 and did a updated review of the operations. After a lot of testing, we have selected Zimbra as our central platform for AINEO Secure.

On 19 September, we migrated over our internal users to Zimbra. We are very excited about this platform. With our new systems, AINEO can

-Allocate more server firepower to messaging systems. We run faster.

-Apply stronger security against external threats (such as spam, virus mails, phishing)

-Be truly hardware and software agnostic. This is a big one for us.

-Provide multiple mobile solutions, (Blackberry, Win Mobile, Symbian)

We are very excited about the next phase of AINEO Secure. We have many good things coming your way. We plan to have all our internal testing complete and have worked with our partners to get all AINEO Secure users on the new platform concluding on 1 November.

More good things are coming!