Bright, Quick, & Flexible

You’ve got a zillion of them lying around your house—those 30-pin cables for your iPods, iPhones and iPads. We’ve seen many new devices such as the Kindle, Android, portable WiFi and even standard mobile phones come out with the Micro USB connector, and the Mini USB connector before that, and these connectors have continued to get smaller.

Now word is out on the street that with the introduction of the iPhone 5, Apple will be introducing a new connector for everyone to buy. It will be nicer because it would take less space in your bag and give you more room to connect that audio cable to.

There is probably even more to the story than the casual user thinks about. The production of third-party products that work with Apple iOS devices is estimated at US$1.3 billion annually. If Apple does introduce a new connector, it will be good for the economies of the various nations where Apple products are popular.
Will we get a new connector starting with the iPhone 5? Our guess at AINEO Networks is yes. It only makes sense—or should we say cents.

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