Bright, Quick, & Flexible

One of the things that we say at AINEO is that you can teach a person how to do technical things, but you can’t teach them common sense. What is common sense? In simple terms, common sense is having the sense of understand what is common among most people. The Webster’s dictionary defines common sense as

“sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts”

As information becomes more abundant, and we become more and more overloaded with so much to sift through, it becomes more difficult to sift through the details. Believe it or not, people are becoming more ignorant. That is what I told a doctor at Koshigaya Municipal Hospital as we were discussing the way of the world.

In business, we’ve found a lot of people who would like to work at AINEO. We have a great team, customers, environment, and from top to bottom we are a agile and friendly bunch of people. We work hard, but we make a point of having fun while we are doing it. People want to work at an AINEO-type of environment.

When we first started the Tokyo branch, we looked at everyone for their potential. We saw the great things that they could do if they were just willing to make a few changes. The problem with that way of thinking is that many people do not want to change. They do not want to be flexible, but would prefer to stick with only what they know. Change is some distant frontier somewhere that they don’t want to pass through. They have so much information on how to make the change, but they are unwilling to make the step. They didn’t have sense that was common to the business world and they were unwilling to try to gain it.

After hiring a few people like that, the management team realized that although we should always see the potential in people. In actuality, none of these people have worked out. All we ended up with was a lot of wasted time. It is better to sift through them before you actually put them on your team.

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