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With the massive push to lock down people, businesses, and even close down national borders the move to virtual business was accelerated. Zoom came from obscurity to become a global household name in online video amongst others such as Google Hangouts, Bluejeans and Cisco. But the biggest change was with Microsoft rolled out Microsoft Teams, an integrated chat and video client for windows and even Apple Mac.

CIRCLE has been a popular cloud-based phone service since 2017. Displacing the PBX phone servers from the office from various companies. (See a “The PBX Is Officially Dead” here ) With telephone, video, chat, and conferencing it is an excellent example of how to get your business continuity plans off of locally installed equipment and into the cloud. (As well as keep your company details off LINE, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal type public messaging services). But fighting against big tech is a challenge especially when you’re thinking to go global. Microsoft Teams has clearly won the war for video meetings against the various competition. Very far from perfect, but definitely supported by the mass Redmond Washington based company. Many organizations have standardized on Teams. The challenge comes when you want to talk to your staff and remote users. Especially if you want to keep a consistent connection for your customers.

How Can I Connect Our Phones To Microsoft Teams?

You’ll see many people talking about a service that works with Microsoft Teams but in the end, there are many limitations. If you’re an organization anywhere in Japan there is hope! If you would like to use your existing numbers with Teams, all you need is CIRCLE. With CIRCLE, most companies can continue to use your existing phone numbers through your Microsoft Teams client on Windows or mobile phone. What does this mean?

  • No need to change your phone numbers
  • Keep your phone numbers and customer connections for years past Teams or any PBX
  • Make and receive customer calls within your Microsoft Teams Software

If you’re interested in using one of the best choices for VoIP service nationally, contact the happy partner service team at CIRCLE Cloud Comms. Contact CIRCLE Partner Service here or by calling our new user sign up hotline in Japan at +81 3 4520 8639.