Bright, Quick, & Flexible

In this world of the Internet, software, and mobile applications (apps) there are many ways to manage your time, tasks, and priorities. Infinite would be an overstatement but it is certainly is tough to find tools that work and make you more effective. Getting things done is something called GTD.

Software Tools
The AINEO team has used Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Nozbe, Zimbra, Lotus Notes (Domino) , Google Apps, Planner Plus, Evernote, and many digital tools. If you want to go to the ever-reliable paper there are those Franklin Planner fans of the past that currently choose from, Filofax, Dayrunner, Franklin-Covey, DayTimer, or Bindex each year.

Paper Planners
The challenge is figuring out what really helps you and your team get things done. Is it the software, the paper, or something else? At AINEO, we’ve tried various things and made some very interesting conclusion. In short, paper is the most effective way of managing your time, tasks, and priorities. Paper is the best planner.

How can paper planners trump the smartphone, tablet or pc-based application?
Here are our conclusions-
1. Writing makes an image in your mind that you remember. This is better than a keyboard or typing on a display screen.
2. Write something down, then you get the whole big picture.
3. Writing is something you can do almost as fast as you talk (with the exception of some auctioneers). Typing can be a distraction.
4. Hand-written pictures trigger associations to other things.
5. There is a sense of accomplishment when you check off an action item from your list
6. Daily-planned tasks lists and calendars are an excellent record for documenting what you did and when years later.

Of course, you need to communicate with your team. Sharing schedules, project tasks or actions items and even some communications is essential for great collaboration. There are some things paper just can’t do.

It’s All About Your Toolbox

At AINEO Corporate group of companies, we use our business email service (which is based on Zimbra collaboration suite cloud services) to communicate with our partner clients and each other. Many of us use either Franklin-Covey, Bindex (Japan-based, more standard size planners), and other paper based planners and storage binders for our daily action lists. For address lists and phone numbers we use both, SugarCRM, and our iPBX Cloud Phone Service.

It’s great to be productive and nothing feels better than getting things done at the end of each day.