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At AINEO we have been watching the rumors for a few weeks now. The announcement is finally out.

VMware has purchased Zimbra. What does this mean?

For VMware, they get an amazing product and great team of people with a complete product. Sumitomo brought Zimbra to Japan initially. I think AINEO has done a great job of getting it out there in our AINEO Secure product line. AINEO migrated all of our hosted Microsoft Exchange servers and partner users to Zimbra. The best technical and business decision we could have every made. We gain more and more users each month and don’t have all the unnecessary instability of MS Exchange 2007.

Back in the 1990s Sun Microsystems was saying the Network is the computer. Not until 2008, when we began this service, did we really see that. With Zimbra in our datacenter, it no longer matters if you are on a windows machine or an Apple Mac. Even LINUX desktop users are able to do their job on their Unbuntu machines. Whatever you want to do can be done with MS Outlook (if you like) or better yet, on any machine with a browser.

The sale of Zimbra continues to bring concern for the future of Yahoo. Google needs a good competitor, but outsourcing their search to Microsoft was probably a nail in Yahoo’s coffin from what we gather from experts. Yahoo seems to be a fading star that just could not reinvent itself. We really hope not. We hope Yahoo can pull themselves back into a competitive state. Is it true that the Yahoo CEO is selling her stock? We hope not as that is really bad for internal morale. Well, we wish Yahoo the best, they made a very good choice in purchasing Zimbra.

VMware should be able to bring Zimbra to the next level as VMware is a great company owned by storage giant EMC.We have spent a few hours with the EMC CEO were very impressed with his understanding of his business. VMware was a great purchase on the part of EMC. Zimbra is another good choice on the purchase of VMware. Go Zimbra!