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AINEO is very pleased to be the information technology (IT) department for so many great companies throughout Japan and Asia Pacific. We would like to take a moment to highlight one really great company as they are breaking into a new business.

DeLonghi is well known as an electronics giant in Europe. In Italy, it seems you see DeLonghi appliances in every kitchen, laundry room, and living room. In Japan, DeLonghi is particularly famous for great electrical oil heaters.

If you’ve experienced Japan, you will note that many households heat their homes with electric fan heaters burning kerosene. It is a pain as you have to fill tanks at the gas station, store the tanks at home, then be sure to open your window every few hours to blow away the fumes and smell. DeLonghi has a line of oil fan heaters that heat up oil (that doesn’t need to be replaced) and give a nice toasty heat to the room with less hastle. DeLonghi is also famous in Japan for many other high end consumer appliances. In September 2007, DeLonghi opened a new business.

As you may know, Tokyo became famous in 2007 for having many great restaurants. DeLonghi Corporation complimented that ranking with a new restaurant called DeLonghi’s. DeLonghi’s is situated in the Daikanyama area of Shibuya in Tokyo. As a technology company, we would not normally have much to say about restaurants. However, we present this interesting model to AINEO Insights readers for three reasons.

-DeLonghi is an AINEO client that has become a showcase of how AINEO`s engineers can take IT from a burden to a blessing. IT should be always be a complimentary and supporting part of business.

-DeLonghi`s Restaurant is an example of taking a great consumer electronics brand and expanding it to include high quality and competitively priced products from the home country. (Olive oils, pastas, electronics, tableware, and even art).

-Most importantly, DeLonghi’s Restaurant Food was very good, reasonably priced, and enveloped in a great atmosphere.

Why would an Italian consumer electronics firm be building a restaurant in Tokyo? Well, here is our take.

All companies making a finished product need to display their wares to the public. Most showrooms in Japan are a cost center (not a profit center) therefore becoming a burden to staff, operate, and demonstrating little application of the products to real life (ie. Making a meal).

DeLonghi’s is a combination of a restaurant, a bar, a cafe, an art gallery, and a showroom. Instead of just showing products sitting on shelves, DeLonghi has actually brought in a gifted Italian chef to put their products to work into the kitchen.


Thus far, AINEO has visited DeLonghi’s three times (one dinner and two lunches). Each time, we`ve found the staff to be well trained and courteous. The food to be original (not just some repeated set menu as you would usually find), and the decor to be quite comfortable.
If you are looking for a great restaurant in Tokyo, check out DeLonghi’s. You`ll be happy you did.


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