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If you’re using an iPhone or an Android for personal or business you’re used to logging into Apple or Google’s ecosystems. Of course, when logging in to any big tech app you will be broadcasting your personal details to these mega companies. Privacy is out the window.

Using CIRCLE cloud for your business telecommunications on a smartphone will require you to download the App but CIRCLE isn’t tracking you. In an effort to gain a little more privacy, the partner service team at CIRCLE did a little test (with the help of one of our favorite tech guys). We have loaded one of our Google Pixel 6a smartphones with a very of Android called GrapheneOS. This OS is a version of the smartphone OS that has been de-coupled from all the usual spyware and tracking that is built into these smartphone operating systems. Normally, the OS people would know things such as-

  • Your personal details
  • Your age (approximate or exact)
  • Your usual whereabouts
  • What apps you are using
  • Your interests from your browsing
  • Devices (and the people using them) around you
  • Possibly your preferred bank(s)

The list goes on and on. Therefore many people are becoming concerned about how much data is collected on them. This information could be used against them in targeting by cyber attackers or even rogue governments. Besides, a bit of privacy is always a good thing. Maybe that’s why people ‘go away’ on vacation?

We are pleased to note that we have successfully installed this clean version of Android GrapheneOS onto our company Google Pixel 6A mobile phone. We have the following results

  • CIRCLE Cloud Communications mobile app works without limitation (even better than iOS in some cases)
  • The Google Play store can be added in order to install your favorite apps (although you may want to use a burner ID to protect your privacy)
  • The battery-life is excellent with a standard USB-C connector for quick charging
  • Hotspot and tethering works great for Windows, Mac, or mobile devices

Overall the experience was quick good as the display is excellent for viewing CIRCLE and those chat, phone, tasks, and other features of our favorite VoIP cloud-based phone service. Of course, the default mobile OS would work fine as well, but you’re not sacrificing your privacy to use the mobile device. If you’re coming from an iPhone, the feeling with those using the devices is that it’s 95% there. If you’re on the net, having complete privacy is difficult, but there are ways to have less of a ‘footprint’.

Looking for the most open-minded cloud-based phone service. Look no further than CIRCLE! Needing an phone app for your ‘clean’ smart device? Contact CIRCLE Partner Service here or by calling our new user sign up hotline in Japan at +81 3 4520 8639.