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Since early 2008, the media has been pelting everyone world-wide with questions about whether there was a recession or not. Maybe, not enough stories or news to report? Well, we thoroughly believe that champions are champions because of their training. They set their minds to being successful and that is usually what happens.

Looking around Japan, there has been an obvious slowdown in the marketplace. As of today, 11 Nov 08, the word on the street is the following companies have hiring freezes.

Microsoft Japan
KVH Telecom
SAP Japan

That’s just to name a few. Then there have been those who have vaporized. Such as NCC, or New City as it was called. Completely gone and no longer in business. Evidently, the economy is down or at least people are believing that.

It is sad to see anyone struggle in their business. We must never forget that what our company does affects our whole team and our partners (clients) as well. We must have good products and services that enhance our partners businesses.

Why are we so busy at AINEO?
It is supposed to be a bad economy. Well, we have a saying at AINEO that “good people are always busy”. We believe that people who work hard and work smart will prosperĀ. This is because they are valued by their partners, suppliers, and even friends.
We are thankful to all our partners, those who

-entrust their day to day IT support to AINEO
-rely on AINEO for their groupware, messaging and website hosting
-the hundreds of telephone systems nationwide
-buy all those boxes from us! We are amazed that those hundreds of thousands in hardware and software orders that flow through our warehouses each month. It does seem to let up. Working with AINEO must be an extra blessing in your business!

As for the economy, it is almost like the media got what they wanted, a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. We are hoping the economy will turn up for us all very soon. We say, keep your chin up, do the right thing with others in mind, and everything will work out well for you.

Thanks to everyone. We honor you, our partners, and will continue to work hard for the respect we`ve earned, to keep your respect and trust. As they say in Japanese, GAMBARIMASHO! (Let’s work hard!).