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One of the beauties of running the Apple OSX operating system over Windows XP, Windows Vista, or even Windows 7 is stability. But if you install any software, you will notice that sometimes your Mac can slow down. How can you fix that?

Windows users are used to constant defragging (running defragmentation tools on) their hard disks. We also have to be concerned about malicious software and make sure we have the latest and greatest on AV (antivirus) software. For Apple Mac users, this has just not been a major issue.

However, with any OS, when you start installing applications you will likely begin to have issues. For Apple, the solution is not all that far off from Windows. You should verify your disk and fix permissions if you ever feel the system is bogged down.
If you are running OSX Lion, you can start up your computer by holding down Command-R after you turn on the power. Once you get the boot screen, you’ve got access to the disk tools for repairing your machine. More on that at Apple’s website

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— The AINEO Team