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2010 UPDATE- Check out AINEO Secure here! Cloud service since 2008.

Ready to cut your IT costs? Ready to throw out that high maintenance, high cost internal MS exchange or LINUX server? Tired of fighting viruses and junk mail? You`ve come to the right place.

AINEO Networks is one of Japan`s first and leading Microsoft Hosted Exchange Service provider. (We were planning it before Microsoft Japan knew what we were talking about).

What makes AINEO so special?

Besides being the first in the market to respond to our partners (AINEO clients) desires to reduce IT costs, AINEO has built the systems infrastructure out to the maximum. Our service is known as AINEO Secure and is

-Groupware for small to medium-sized companies -Built on the most reliable servers on the market, Hewlett Packard -Redundant and clustered servers

-Carrying spare parts on site and 24 hour support for the systems -Running Microsoft`s Exchange 2007, the world`s best selling and leading mail server for enterprise -Fully redundant power systems

-24 hour managed and monitored environment for air conditioning and security -Fully secure data center with access to AINEO system engineers only.

-A phone number to call directly to AINEO that is answered by real people, with real experience.

Save your IT time from trouble shooting email problems, and get them focused on things that effect your business. That accounting system, that distribution center, or even that CRM is crucial to bringing up those sales today.

Drop us a line today. We would be happy to help.