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There are a lot of really great people in this world of ours. Unfortunately, in business, there are some people out there that don`t qualify to the great side of things. If you have ever hosted a website or your email somewhere, then certainly you know all about it and have probably met those types. People professing to be technological professionals lose your data, upgrade your hostedĀ servers without any notice, or lock you in to half-built systems with interfaces that aren`t even half as good as Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail.

AINEO started as telecommunications engineers and systems consultants in 1996. The company officially formed in 1997. We have been working with systems with 99.9% reliability (PBX, Voice Mail, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems) since our inception. In 1999, it was pretty clear to us that the PBX was going to become another server on the network. We began servicing and supporting PCs and servers and closed our first $1M USD sale for hardware that same year.

Over the years, we had hosted our site and our email on several outside services. When we first started, we even had a bit of outside help from a small PC support company. We have been extremely disappointed with all these groups in that,

-Responses were slow and seemed to depend on whether they were in the mood for it
-Servers were very slow with hundreds of other accounts sharing the CPU with our accounts.
-Built on nominal hardware
-Lack of professionalism and policies for dealing with data

In October 2007, after talking with Microsoft Japan executives and AINEO clients particularly on the Japanese side of our business, we decided enough was enough. We began a project internally to build better systems with the same reliability and support of our customers. This was the beginning of AINEO Secure.

What is AINEO Secure?

AINEO Secure is an AINEO Networks owned and operated datacenter built to the max. It is built with everything the normal business would not put into their business. Briefly put, AINEO Secure is

-Groupware for small to medium-sized companies

-Built on Hewlett Packard servers, with spare parts on site and 24 hour support for the systems

-Running Microsoft Exchange 2007, the world`s best and leading mail server

-Fully redundant power systems

-24 hour managed and monitored environment for air conditioning and security

-Fully secure system under a $60,000 USD access control systems by Lenel Systems.

AINEO has got the best engineering team, redundant systems, and the best sense on how to take care of you. You can call us anytime at +81 3 5833 2060 or contact us here if you have any questions about getting set up on AINEO Secure or just want to find out about being on the best system available.