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If you get an email with no description and just a link or some unrelated message, please be very careful. Although viruses are still a threat, the real threat these days is from malware websites trying to install malicious software onto your computer to track your keystrokes (to get important info) or hijack your computer to do other things using your computer as a proxy. By just visiting the website you can get infected if your computer is not set up right (and sometimes even if it is).

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an email, DO NOT click the links, or you may regret it later and possibly infect others you have emailed in the past. Again, a visit to a questionable URL link/website may infect/compromise your computer and information. The best thing to do is delete anything questionable or call the sender if you really want to read it to make sure they sent it.
The Internet is a great resource, but please be careful out there. If it seems wrong/strange/atypical, it likely is.