Bright, Quick, & Flexible


According to the CEOs that attended, the Fall CEO Forum was a success. With 32 companies represented and CEOs from 10 nations, there was no doubt the event was like none other for bringing together c-level executive positions looking after Japan, greater Asia, as well as Australia/New Zealand. Giants in software, credit cards, banking, insurance, technology, industrial materials, consulting, news media, retailing, consumer products, housewares, telecom, public relations, hospitality, interior products, windows and many other areas were in attendance.

The meeting was opened and chaired by Mr. Wolfe of AINEO Networks, with a special welcome by Mr. Fluke CEO of Oakwood (for Japan and Asia) who were both sponsors of the event. The topic for the evening was “Trade Secrets” which was presented by accomplished Tokyo, Japan-based lawyer Mr. JD Marx. The presentation was very insightful with questions by many of the CEOs around the room demonstrating a healthy interest in the topic along the way of slides in the presentation.

The presentation was followed by a buffet and limitless drinks and discussions giving a chance for executives to meet peers in other industries.

Mr. Wolfe announced that the next CEO Forum will be moved up from June 2014 to April. Stay tuned. This event is focused on CEO, CFO and c-level executives of international firms.

Thank you for participating in making the Tokyo CEO Forum an enjoyable and energizing evening.